Lancer Two Sports Bluetooth Headphone

The Lancer Two Sports Bluetooth Headphone is a wireless in-ear headset that fits to person who are into sports that wanted also fashion.

Price Range In Philippine Peso @ P48.00 Conversion Rate with TAX

P 28,000 – P 30,000


Color: Silver/Blue/Orange
Size: Total length of the headphone is 45cm
Weight: 14g
Bluetooth Version: V4.1
Bluetooth Name: Dacom Stereo
Bluetooth Chip: CSR8645, with ATP-X function
Bluetooth effective distance: 10M
Support Mode: headset/handsfree/A2DP/AVRCPAPT-X
Battery: Lithium polymer battery (70mAh)
Charging: USB charging ( DC 5V)
Charging Time: About 2 hours ( During the charing process, the red light is on; when the charging is finished, the green light is on )
Music Broadcast Time: Last for 8 hours
Standby Time: 180 hours
Button: On/Off, Multifunction MFB, “+/-” for volume and Previous/Next Song
Interface: micro USB
Function: 2-Link Design, NFC Function, Voice Prompts, Number Redial.
NFC Function: Get the cellphone close to the NFC point of the Bluetooth headphone
Bluetooth/2-Link Function Instructions:
1. Turn On– Press the “On/Off” button for 1 second, and the green indicator light will flash. Turn Off– Press the “On/Off” button for 1 second, and the indicator light will be off.
2. Hang up/Answer the phone: Press the “Hang up” button or press the “MFB” button for 1 second to hang up/ answer the calls.
3. Reject calls: Press the “Hang up” button or press the “volume-” button for 2 seconds.
4. Last call dialing: Set the headphone into standby mode, and then double click “MFB” button, in that way, the last call could be redialed.
5. Music player: Press the “MFB” button under the music player condition to Play/Stop.
6. Volume adjustment/ Change the song: Press the “Volume +/-” button for 2 seconds and then the song could be changed to the previous/next one. Click the “Volume +/-” button to adjust volume.
*Bluetooth Pairing
1.Switch off the phone, press the “Turn on” button for a moment, and then the bluetooth headphone could be changed to matching mode. (red light and green light will flash alternately)
2.Activate the bluetooth function, search for bluetooth devices, and then choose the name “Dacom,stereo”.
3. Enter the password”0000”.(Some cellphones need the password and some cellphones don’t need it)
4. After pairing the devices successfully, the green light will flash. (If the pair failed, please repeat the above process)
*2-Link Function
1. According to the pairing steps, after connecting to the first phone, then switch off the bluetooth of the first cellphone. Next, get prepared to pair the second phone.
2. Turn off the bluetooth headphone, open the bluetooth function of the first cellphone, reopen the bluetooth headphone, and the headphone will connect to two phones automatically.
3. When you are making a phone call, click the “MFB” button to hang up current phones, and answer the waiting phone; Double click “MFB” button, to answer the second call, or switch between the two calls.
4. Click “MFB” button, and you can hang up the calls one by one (If two cellphones are using the same bluetooth headphone at the same time. some functions might be restricted.


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