Rechargeable AAAA battery

This Rechargeable AAAA battery is so unique that some countries that use this only sell non rechargeable counterparts.

Price Range In Philippine Peso @ P48.00 Conversion Rate with TAX

P 2,200 – P 2,500


Model: AAAAA
Type: Ni-MH battery
Voltage: 1.2V
Size: 8.38mm (diameter) * 43mm (height)


Charging time: with AAAA battery charger, need to be recharged every two hours, do not overcharge! ! ! Charge to two hours to take out the battery, otherwise overcharge will leak !!!

AA / AAA / AAAA battery charger

Technical Specifications:

Input: AC220V 50-60Hz

Output: DC 1.2V AA150mAx2

1.2V AAA130mAx2

1, can be on the section 1-2 NiMH or NiCd batteries, such as AA, AAA batteries.

2, the unique anti-reverse protection designed to prevent errors in the battery; lead AC cord, do not account for the socket, portable US

3. Single independent charging functions to support different types of section 1-2 AA / AAA / AAA NiMH or NiCd batteries Hunchong cylinder.

Indicator status:

1, no battery, charger into power, no lights.

2, battery, charging red light, full of red constant light (constant light).

Charging time is calculated:

Charging time (h) = 1.3x battery capacity (mAh) / charge current (mA)


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